Tegometall Compatible Shop Shelving Tegometall Compatible Shop Shelving

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  • Model: JD-01
  • Brand: JDSHELF
  • Product Description
  • Product Description
Tegometall Compatible Shop Shelving

Tegometall style shelving receives appreciation by its modularity and flexibility. The shelving bay is available in various width, depth, and height. We also can adjust those dimensions to fulfill your requirements. You can save your space by using Tegometall shelving. Tegometall is easy to extend, and change. If your store needs any expansion or adjustment, Tegometall units can be reused and easily fit your new store. By the way, Tegometall has an excellent reputation for its strengths. Its maximum load capacity is similar with warehouse racks so that you can display any product with Tegometall shelving. It applies in many areas, such as grocery store, pharmacy, garden center, and clothing store. It is easy to assemble and does not need any screws & nuts. 

1) Germany Tegometall design, the most classic system in Europe with a neat finish, simple but firm structure.
2) Compatible with most popular systems in Europe like Itab/Eden/CAEM and so on.
3) Heavy loading capacity up to 200kg/level by using 2 hooks bracket, 250kg/level by using 3 hooks braket. 
4) The perforated back panels have a hole spacing of 15mm, 25mm, 30mm, 45mm and 50mm, so will accept most sizes of pegboard hooks.
5) Easy for mass produced and cost less labour.
6) Various optional accessories such as wire baskets, Cross tie bar, pegboard and cross tie bar hooks, wire or plastic shelf stopper, wire separations, magazine shelves to meet all display needs.
7) Installed easily without screws or nuts, which could save labor cost and not easily rusted.

Model Specification Upright Shelf Back panel Bracket
(mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm)
Single side 1200*470*2010 30*60*2.5
0.8 0.6 3
Double side 1200*1020*2010
End shelf 1000*470*1810


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