Trend of shop shelving industry in century 21: OHSAS18001

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Trend of shop shelving industry in century 21: OHSAS18001

Today we will talk about a new but popular certificate, OHSAS18001, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.
The contents and the aims of OHSAS18001 are:

  1. To make standard and improve the occupational health and safety management of the enterprise, to minimize the risk of casualty and occupational disease, to Safeguard the property security of enterprises, and to improve the work efficiency.
  2. To elevate the image of the enterprise, to brake the trade barrier, to get the advantage in international competition, to increase market share.
  3. To meet the requirement of the lows and the regulations, to bring down the risk of enterprise, to prevent the accident happen.
  4. To improve the public relationship among the government, the enterprise and the employees, to enhance the cohesive force in enterprise, to elevate the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.
  5. To improve the credit rating of financial credit, cut the cost of insurance.

Especially in a shop shelving factory, the producing has to be well managed because of the high risk of injuring, and moreover, to execute the regulations of OHSAS18001 can help the company to keep the workers stay instead of changing jobs from factory to factory, which can avoid a lot of problem and to keep the quality stable.
Trend of management in century 21:
Quality management system:ISO9001:2008
Environmental management system:ISO14001:2004
Occupational health and safety management system:OHSAS18001:2007
These three systems have common points and differentiation, trend of management in century 21 will be using these three management systems into the routine management of the enterprise, to satisfy the customers, the society and the employees.

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