The importance of ISO9001 in retail shelving industry

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It seems like everyone is talking about ISO9001, why it’s so important?

ISO9001 is not a standard, but a bunch of standards, it concludes all the international standard made by the TC176 organization and it’s the most popular and common one in more than 12000 ISO products.

According to the investment report on Oct. 2007, until the end of 2006, ISO issued  897866 ISO9001:2000 certificate in 170 countries, that means the standard is well received by most of the countries and organizations.

As a retail shelving factory, most of our customers are famous international hypermarket/supermarket chain store like Tesco, DHL, Blokker, Jumbo, M&S and so on, so to get the ISO9001 will be the key to better cooperation.

1.The certificate is not for one product but for the whole quality control system. Also, it obtains the product and the service too.
2.The certificate is according to the quality guarantee standard. For better understanding and cooperating, the supplier would better to use ISO9001:2008 standard.
3.The third party quality control system evaluates organization who have the authority will do the qualification work. It has to make sure there’s no economic relation or benefits between the organization and the supplier, and the organization will offer professional and experienced staff, standard resources and process.
4.After passed the qualification, the supplier will be allowed to use the ISO sign and certificate on print, exhibition, and other promotion.

What kind of supplier can apply for the certificate?
1.The company who have legal business license
2.The company who can do mass production and can keep stable quality, since the products will be checked many times in a year.
3.The product can match the national standard, and the national standard must be international level.

What’s the advantage?
1.Better to increase efficiency and control the operational risk.
2.The ISO9001 certificate will help the supplier to establish the good reputation, and to be a useful tooling on promotion. It stands for high standard and keeps promotion, and it spreads the clear information to all the related party.
3.It approved that those company who passed ISO9001 certification will increase of more efficiency, sales revenue, ROI and also the profit.
4.It helps the supplier to promote the quality of the product and the service, to save cost and bring down the customer complain.
5.The system can help supplier to find the skill shortage and can disclose cooperation problems in the team.
6.It’s the entrance to some high standard market, and the customer needn’t recheck the same content which can save a lot of money and energy. Moreover, if the supplier wants to apply for certificate like UL/CE, there’s no need to check it again with the same content, which can also save cost.
7.The certificate allows the supplier and the customers to get the same language, knowledge, and standard on the quality control system, so both parties can communicate smoothly, and make a deal more rapidly.
8.To help the buyer avoid many problems, if the supplier has a certificate like ISO, the buyer can handle it to their company, so there’s no need to send a staff to re-check it.



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