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Multimodal Transport

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In the last few months,due to the pandemic and the accident in the Suez Canal,it caused serious congestion,not only in each port,but also in the sea all over the world.

Most carriers cut some shipping lines to reduce the cost,but the other side,they raise the sea freight cost for all the lines,at this time,the train transportation can be chosen,more stable and lower cost than sea freight at this stage.

China-Europe Railway Express can provide the service for our European clients and Middle-East clients,only one disadvantage,the max capacity is less some tons than sea freight containers,anyway it has one more choice for our valued customers to select to.If all depend on the sea freight at this stage,most cargo would be delay for many times.

JD SHELF always put our customers' interests in the first palce,will continue providing the best shopfitting products and the best supply chain for our customers.


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