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Name Introduction Size Downloads Update Download
OHSAS18001 408KB 74 2016-11-23 Download
ISO14001-2004 341KB 63 2016-11-20 Download
ISO9001-2008.jpg ISO9001 261KB 68 2016-11-14 Download
JDSHELF SEDEX REPORT.pdf Sedex report-JDSHELF 1.66MB 99 2016-11-07 Download
Inspection Report.pdf 301KB 75 2016-09-29 Download
Inspection Sheet.pdf 49KB 90 2016-09-29 Download
Dropping test procedure.doc.pdf 149KB 82 2016-09-29 Download
Shopping carts inquire sheet.xls 92KB 88 2016-09-29 Download
Warehouse rack inquire sheet.xls 84KB 76 2016-09-29 Download
Supermarket shelving inquire sheet.xls 84KB 100 2016-09-29 Download
Install instruction.pdf 563KB 104 2016-09-29 Download
JD warehouse racking catalog.pdf 2.98MB 151 2016-09-29 Download
JD shopping trolley catalog.pdf 6.42MB 113 2016-09-29 Download
JD supermarket shelving catalog.pdf 4.59MB 185 2016-09-29 Download
JD other supermarket equipment catalog.pdf 4.99MB 171 2016-09-29 Download
Wuxi JingDing Commercial Technology Co. Ltd is a manufacturer of supermarket shelving and pallet rack solutions. During past 17 years, we have dedicated ourselves to producing the best quality product, with a focus on lean production, customer service and social responsibility...
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