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Wuxi Jingding commercial technology Co., Ltd

Wuxi JingDing Commercial Technology Co. Ltd is a manufacturer of supermarket shelving and pallet rack solutions. During past 17 years, we have dedicated ourselves to producing the best quality product, with a focus on lean production, customer service and social responsibility.

We were established in 1999 and are headquartered in the Five Star Industrial Park in Wu Xi. We have 100 employees and our turnover is more than 10 millions USD. Our mission is to provide a superior product with excellent service. For us,business is not just a contract but also a relationship. We help our customers solve their problems and realize mutual benefits. We now serve customers in over 20 countries and are thrilled to be a part of industrial equipment space.

Company Advantage

Our company has an outstanding team with creation and diligence. Relying on unique management idea and perspective development concept, we can provide high grade service with a good prestige. Through unceasing innovation, we have obtained customers' unanimous praise. Furthermore, our sales networks cover several provinces, cities, and autonomous regions in many countries.

Our company has fine working environment, advanced ERP office management system and scientific business management pattern, and our rules and regulations are rigorous and financial systems comply with scientific standard. Unceasingly deepening our enterprise culture, we have carried out a series of adjustments of product structure and further reformation. In addition, we constantly invite talented people to improve working efficiency, which has laid solid foundation for our development.

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